Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Shelter at Papa's Farm, my first novel, has just been released by my publisher, Tate Publishing.  To order, go to and either search by the title or author, Elizabeth M. White.  I am posting here the backmatter, that tells a little about the book.  I hope you enjoy it!!

“This is not a test.  This is not a test.  Get to a civil defense shelter immediately.  This is not a test.”
James and his sister Alisha have argued most of their adult life regarding the Bible, the second coming of Christ, and the end of the world.  But James knows that the time is near.  He manages to get most of his loved ones to Papa’s farm in New Hampshire, but his two nieces are away at school in different parts of the country.  After hearing the warning sirens, James hurries his family across the dirt road and into the shelter he and his friend Peter have built.  This, as James has known for months, will be their home for the next two years.
Living underground requires a whole new lifestyle for James and his family. Electricity is a laughable pastime and relying on a depleting stock of batteries wears on the family’s shoulders. Additionally, Alisha’s constant worry over her two daughters, who were away at school when the bomb dropped, is only heightened by the continual empty static produced by the CB radios.
It is not until they have emerged from the shelter and seen the destruction all around them that they realize the enormity of the war. What is left of the once thriving United States? How will the survivors rebuild their society? And who is willing to travel across the country to bring home Alisha’s daughters—if they’re still alive?
Join author Elizabeth White as she returns to The Shelter at Papa’s Farm in search of any redeeming stronghold on which to lay the groundwork for this, a destroyed, but renewable world.
Elizabeth White lives in a suburb south of Boston.  When not writing, she divides her time among her husband, three children, six grandsons, and her other passion, painting.  


  1. Betty, this is so exciting! I ordered my book from the publisher's website - easy and should arrive within the week. Can't wait to start reading it. Patty

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