Friday, June 22, 2012


I have been looking at so many blogs of others that I've neglected my own!  It amazes me how many people blog.  Prior to writing my book and getting it published, I had no idea what blogging was all about.  Many bloggers give book reviews and tell a little about the book.  Those blogs have helped me find the books that I might be interested in reading.  I have also met some great people on the blogs, willing to give advice or help whenever and wherever they can.  So, keep on blogging - blog friends.  Be sure to visit my website, too.    My website has more info describing what my book is all about.


  1. I had no idea so many people blogged either! Once I had finished my book and looked into blogging I was shocked. It is so nice to meet other writers and authors. :)


  2. Nice to meet you Jess! Thanks for stopping by. I stopped by your site too - wow - you sure do have lots of great stuff on your site. The spider kind of spooked me out a bit! I don't like spiders!! I love the red high heeled sneaker though!

  3. Keeping a balance between maintaining ones own blog and visiting other blogs can be a difficult task. There is some great stuff out there.

    Tossing It Out

  4. There are some great writing FB blogging groups too that would help you to connect and find followers...

  5. Hi Elizabeth ~ Like you, I never considered blogging until I decided to publish my novel. I was strongly encouraged to start one and I had no idea what to do. Seven months later, I'm well into and am really enjoying it--meeting some great people along the way. I found you on Book Blogs and am now a follower. Looking forward to visiting again ~ Peggy (