Thursday, July 5, 2012


Once I felt thick skinned enough, I decided to brave this new world of books and publishing and opinions and reviews.  I knew I was opening up another chapter of writing, by exposing my book to reviewers.  From my own experience, I know that there are books that I have read and loved, yet others who read the same book, didn't like it.  Then there are those books that I really didn't like and had a hard time finishing, and others who read it and loved it.   I wasn't sure what I was getting my self into, but it was a step I felt I had to take.
So, I sent my book out to 5 reviewers.  I have heard back from 2 of them.  I will admit that the first review that I received was not very good, only a 2-star but hey, I've rated some books by famous authors with only 2 stars.  I wasn't happy, but that was that reviewer's opinion.  Then, a couple of days later, my mood quickly changed when I received my first 5 STAR review.  With the reviewers permission, I am reposting her critique.  Here it is:

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Jul 04, 12

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This is a postapocalyptic book.

The plot centres around one family but reaches out beyond this.

James is adamant that the world is about to end as prophesied in the Bible, he then amends this statement that the world is about to end as we know it.

He spends 2 years building an underground shelter that he is told about in a dream, he is like a modern day Noah.

In April 2014 while some of the family are visiting him the sirens go off.

Everybody across America heads for underground shelters.

Nuclear bombs land and devastate this and many other countries.

Then the book really gets into its stride, there is love and loss, faith and doubt, courage and team spirit, depression and exhilaration. You will be taken on an emotional roller-coaster ride.

The character’s are real and the style is very good, it is easy to read and the numerous characters are all distinct from each other.

It is a book which will leave you wanting more.

I hear there is a sequel in the pipeline and I await its arrival eagerly.

Star rating 5/5 I loved it.


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  3. What an excellent review! Congratulations! You are right in thinking that there are different books for different folks. I know there are books I love, but other people I know can't get into them. Reading is very subjective. :)

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