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The Shelter at Papa's Farm

The Shelter at Papa's Farm by Elizabeth M.  White

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Aug 08, 12

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One Word: WOW

Author Elizabeth M. White took me from a regular family doing regular family things to an all out end of the time war torn blitz on the world. Right from the start the book held my attention. I loved how instead of "Chapter One and etc.", the book was mark as time. Example Summer 2011 or November 2014.

What goes on with in this book could begin here and now. If you believe, as I do that the Lords coming is soon at hand. Then this book is something that you also should read. I know it is fictional but any author that can help to open our eyes to see things that could happen, well they get my vote.

The characters within the pages seem real. I continually found myself thinking of my family and how would we deal with the "What Ifs". Made me realize that I should be more of a Christian Mother. To make sure my family makes the right choices and to know the Lord as their personal Savior. Each character plays so real within the confines of today's world.

As you know I try my best not to give out spoilers. But on the other hand I will link you to my Teaser Tuesday. It may not be a lot but it is a good one.

I try not to let any one thing decide my opinion on a book. I have checked out some other reviews of this book and mostly they are good. And by the way I only did this AFTER reading the book for myself. I love getting my hands on a book that not a lot of others have read. This book is an awesome, clean worded, down to reality, to not way out in another world. It has some mystery, love, good plot, great flow in reading.

Due to the above I honestly, whole heartedly can not wait to see what Author Elizabeth M. White does next. So for the reasons stated above I am happy to give a Breath of Life rating of:

Five Clock Rating!!!

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