Friday, February 27, 2015

My new book, Alisha's Story, the Sequel to the Shelter at Papa's Farm, is in the process of being formatted and the cover is being created.  Release date is April 6, 2015 - the day after Easter.  I might have a few pre-release copies available before that date so, stay tuned.  I am giving you a little preview here tonight - the back matter and the prologue.  I hope you enjoy it:

Back of the book:

After living in a shelter during a nuclear attack on the Unites States, the Cochran family emerges from the shelter at Papa’s Farm and struggle to get back on their feet.

Alisha Cochran, one of the main characters, narrates the story bringing you through the hardships the family experiences while trying to return to a normal way of life.

As they try to rebuild their farm, they go through dealing with a new government that is taking away all their liberties and freedoms, including the right to bear arms and the freedom of speech.

My name is Alisha Cochran.  I am the wife to Richard; the mother of Melissa, Jennifer,
and Alex; and the sister to James, Karen, Michael, Keith, and Susan. 
Before the war, my brother James tried to warn all of us that the end of the world was coming.  James and my sister, Karen, have always been great readers and followers of the Bible.  They have been Born Again Christians their entire adult lives.  They accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and feel their purpose is to spread His word and the fulfillment of God.  James and Karen were certain God had decided enough was enough and Armageddon was upon us.     I, too, believe in Jesus Christ and that he is my savior.  However, I do not openly preach the Bible or His word as they do.   I have my beliefs and I know that God is my great protector.  I do not believe, as my brother and sister do, that this war was a warning from God, that we are living in the end times.  I believe this was the work of the devil.  The devil overcame the leaders in the Middle East.  Those leaders tried to force the hand of God, to try to force the end of the world.  But it didn’t work.  God has not forsaken us as some believe.  The devil’s hand was to destroy us; God’s hand was to save and protect us.
But, James and Karen believe the Rapture has occurred and we were left on this Earth to save those who have been left behind.   They are certain that the Anti-Christ is living among us.  They are waiting for the end days.  


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  1. good job Mom, looking forward to reading it :)